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SBK College The Lotus : Symbol of Goddess Sarasawathi (Goddess of Education) represents the blooming intellect of the students.
The Fish : Symbolizes the line between the Pandya rulers and the Nadar Community of Tamilnadu.
The Sun Rise : Dispels ignorance and radiates wisdom.

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Each soul is potentially divine and the aim of education is to manifest the divinity within. Aruppukottai Nadargal Uravinmurai Pothu Abiviruthi Trust has been serving the cause of education since 1889. As the assemblage of small drops of water forms a vast ocean, the collection of the "Magamai Fund" has culminated in establishing the Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya Educational Institutions. Having served the cause of Secondary Education for well over a century, the leaders thought it fit to extend their munificence to Collegiate Education and established the Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya College in 1970. To empower women and to cater the need of the girl students, the college is made a Co-educational Institution in 1986. Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya College stands for Universal Brotherhood, Wisdom and Moral Values. The prime endeavour of the Institution is to instill these virtues into the minds to our younger generation. The dream of our founders will come true when the young scholars prove themselves worthy citizens of India.








The objectives of the college are to satisfy the current needs in the regional, national, global level and to enrich the employability of the students besides encouraging the research aptitude of the students.

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